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Stone Guide

Stone Education

Here is a helpful guide to shopping for natural stone countertops.

Purchasing Stone

Buying stone may be a little overwhelming at times, but the process is quite simple. Different varieties of stones are quarried from all over the world, where they are cut and polished into finished slabs. These slabs are numbered in sequence, packaged into bundles and shipped by container overseas to arrive at the doors of one of our many EleMar Marble and Granite warehouse locations.  EleMar New England is open to the public for slab for viewing and slab selection. Our helpful warehouse staff will guide you through showroom where you can view slabs and inquire about the origin and availability of the stone.  Once the stone is selected, arrangements are made for notification of your fabricator, informing them of your slab selection. The fabricator will then contact EleMar and arrange delivery. EleMar will put material on “hold” for a customer for a period of 7 days with no money down. A fabricator can hold the slabs for a longer period of time if needed, but a purchase order and deposit is required in order to secure the material indefinitely.  Selecting a stone is a very important and personal process that deserves a lot of consideration.  Feel free to bring in color and cabinet samples to compare with varying stones.  Ask a lot of questions. Lighting is important, and if you need more light our staff will be happy to provide it. Courtesy is the first rule at EleMar because understand the importance of your investment in natural stone. It is an investment that will stand the test of time and pay dividends in beauty and

Thank you for allowing EleMar New England to help you in your stone selection process.  Please feel free to contact any EleMar staff member with any further questions.

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